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Manage a fleet of beautiful and dynamic websites from one dashboard.

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Customizable, Scalable, Simple

Apostrophe Assembly is the number one solution for multi-tenancy site management. Create and manage a few or a fleet of websites within a single installation of Apostrophe.


This video is a glimpse of the functionality that Apostrophe Assembly can bring to the management of your digital landscape within or across brands. 

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68 Boutique Hotels, one management dashboard

Kimpton’s desire was to have individual and unique websites for each of their restaurants, honoring the subtlety of the branding, while ensuring an easy back-end experience. By adopting Apostrophe Assembly, Kimpton is able to manage more than 30 of their restaurant websites from a single sign-in, with simple in-context page editing.

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Multisite Module brings Apostrophe Assembly to life

Create and manage multiple sites with the same configuration. This module lets you have many ApostropheCMS websites running on a single codebase in a single Node.js process. Partnering with our team of experts, you and your customers will receive the high availability and durability this module is designed to provide.

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Branding tools for a complete digital landscape

Apostrophe Assembly allows you to quickly spin up new websites or delete antiquated ones with ease. Copy a website's technical architecture and apply brand and design elements to create another unique digital experience. Admins can leverage Palette, a powerful tool to apply dynamic color, typography and visual elements in-context.

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