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Favicon Generator

Allows editors to manipulate a site's favicon image through a global image-widget while supplying sizes for all browsers and devices.
> npm i apostrophe-favicons




Apostrophe module that generates a number of differently sized favicon image formats. The image itself is an apostrophe-images widget that gets appended to the apostrophe-global, which is easily manipulated by an editor.

Unlike version 1.x, this module uses imagemagick to perform image conversions. This is a standard prerequisite for the use of ApostropheCMS with good performance when uploading images, so you should already have it installed in both dev and production environments. See the getting started guide and the production guide.


Performance is much better than 1.x, however there are no options to pass on to the favicon npm module because we do not use it.

Example config

in app.js

var apos = require('apostrophe')({
  shortName: 'yourSite',
  modules: {

    // Enable the module, enhances apostrophe-global
    'apostrophe-favicons': {},
    // Now apostrophe-global has some new options
    'apostrophe-global': {
      faviconDestinationDir: '/fav/',
      // Defaults to `/favicons/`. This is an uploadfs path, it will become /uploads/favicons/ on a server


After you have selected and generated your favicons, you can use the following macro to output the markup into your template.

<!-- in layout.html or something -->
{% extends "outerLayoutBase.html" %}
{% import 'apostrophe-favicons:faviconMacros.html' as favicons %}
{% block extraHead %}
  {{ favicons.renderLinks(apos, data.global) }}
{% endblock %}


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