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Redis Caching

Replaces Apostrophe's MongoDB-based caching mechanism with Redis.
> npm i apostrophe-caches-redis

This module enhances apostrophe-caches, the standard caching mechanism of Apostrophe, to use Redis rather than MongoDB.

To use it, first npm install it in your project:

npm install --save apostrophe-caches-redis

Then configure your modules like this:

    'apostrophe-caches-redis': {
      // *NO* OPTIONS HERE
    'apostrophe-caches': {
      // OPTIONS GO HERE - we are actually "improving" this standard module
      redis: {
        // options for the redis npm module go here

As usual with Redis, if you specify no options, it will connect to Redis on your local machine.

See the redis npm module documentation for more information about the options available under the redis property. Note that the prefix option defaults to the shortname of your project. This allows more than one Apostrophe site to easily share a Redis database. If you do not want any prefix in Redis, you can set prefix explicitly to false.

Very important: your Redis-specific options go in the configuration for apostrophe-caches, NOT apostrophe-caches-redis. This module enhances the capabilities of apostrophe-caches, and the rest of Apostrophe just sees apostrophe-caches as usual. See the source for a great example of how to ship similar improvements for other core Apostrophe modules.

Sessions in Redis

You can do that too, and it greatly reduces the load on MongoDB. You don't need this module for that. See storing sessions in Redis.


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