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Rich Text Link Attributes

Add and configure extra allowable attributes to link tags in Rich Text widgets.
> npm i apostrophe-extra-link-attributes


You have some extra attributes you'd like to add to link tags in your rich text editor markup. But CKEditor only allows certain fields to be edited. This module makes it easy to add more editable fields. They appear in new tabs in CKEditor's link editor.


npm install --save apostrophe-extra-link-attributes


// in app.js
modules: {
  'apostrophe-extra-link-attributes': {
    tabs: [
        name: 'tabOne',
        label: 'Tab One',
        fields: [
            name: 'data-niftiness',
            label: 'Niftiness'
            name: 'data-specialness',
            label: 'Specialness'
  'apostrophe-rich-text-widgets': {
    sanitizeHtml: {
      allowedAttributes: {
        // Any attributes you DON'T list here are NOT saved
        a: [ 'href', 'data-niftiness', 'data-specialness' ]


When you edit a link in Apostrophe's rich text editor (CKEditor), the dialog box will offer two new fields: Niftiness and Specialness. They will be saved to the attributes data-niftiness and data-specialness.

Warnings and Limitations

Don't forget sanitizeHtml

DON'T FORGET: you must configure sanitizeHtml (see example above). Otherwise Apostrophe will discard your extra attributes as suspicious markup.

Other uses of extraAllowedContent

This module configures CKEditor so that the new attributes are not stripped out at the browser level (yes, CKEditor has sanitization features too). We do our best to append the new rules to any existing rules you have set in CKEDITOR.config.extraAllowedContent. However, we currently only support the string-based format. CKEditor also allows an object-based format with several alternate syntaxes. It would be difficult to address all possible conflicts with rules in that format. If you don't understand this, it probably won't be an issue for you.


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