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Creates a hidden "superadmin" user that cannot be edited by regular admins and always retains admin permissions.
> npm i apostrophe-users-superadmin


What is it?

This module creates a superadmin user on your apostrophecms site, and prevents regular admins from seeing that user account in the "Manage" view or editing it in any way.

What can the superadmin do?

The same things a regular admin can do. They are a member of a similarly invisible superadmin group which always has the admin permission.


npm install apostrophe-users-superadmin


In app.js:

modules: {
  'apostrophe-users-superadmin': {}

Create the user and set their password

node app apostrophe-users:set-superadmin-password
[you will be prompted for a password]

If you do not want to be prompted, you may also specify the password on the command line. This is less secure when typing at the keyboard, but useful in scripts.

Change the user's password

Just use the task again:

node app apostrophe-users:set-superadmin-password
[you will be prompted for a new password]

Changing the superadmin username and group name

You may pass the hiddenUser and hiddenGroup options to the apostrophe-users module. Do NOT pass them to apostrophe-users-superadmin, that module just "improves" apostrophe-users with the ability to understand these options.


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