Apostrophe 3.0: making it developer-friendly

The Great Refactor has landed! The 3.0 (very pre-alpha) branch of ApostropheCMS is now completely callback-free.

The Great Refactor has landed! The 3.0 (very pre-alpha) branch of ApostropheCMS is now completely callback-free… and we ditched over 3,000 lines of code in the process. 🚀

Getting rid of callbacks means developers don’t have to think so hard just to fetch something from a database or an API. Plus, they can just plain write less code. A big win for developer friendliness.

Sample code in the new format.

More developer friendliness: we’ve committed to a new format for Apostrophe modules that borrows a lot of good ideas from Vue and other frameworks that have achieved rapid adoption.

And, we’ve approved plans to fully embrace RESTful API patterns by merging apostrophe-headless into the core in Apostrophe 3.0, eliminating our ad-hoc APIs for Apostrophe’s built-in editing experience. The door is open to GraphQL as well.

Finally, our team is hard at work implementing beautiful visual designs for 3.x. So soon, we’ll have a plethora of screenshot-worthy experiences to talk about on Medium. In the meantime we’re cheerfully testing with ugly buttons. 👹

Of course we haven’t forgotten Apostrophe 2.x, which is supported through 2023 at a minimum. In fact, we recently merged the apostrophe-lean-frontend module into it. That eases the migration path to 3.x tomorrow, and provides a way to get rid of jQuery and friends today.

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