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The right technology choices

Making the developer experience a priority

Apostrophe is 100% JavaScript, both in the browser and the server, meaning improved performance thanks to the asynchronous nature of Node.js.

Apostrophe uses MongoDB for a rich, intuitive document storage model, and is built on the trusted Express framework.

Create templates easily using Nunjucks or your templating technology of choice, and your preferred front-end asset pipeline can be built right in.

Top Features

We create powerful tools that actually feel good to use.


Open Source

Open source is in our blood. Apostrophe was built on the foundation of best in class open source projects and is distributed with an open source license to carry that practice forward.

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Full Stack JavaScript

The latest JavaScript best practices on the front and back-end, allowing for less gear switching and faster development.

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Powerful localization workflows to deliver your content in any language. Manage permissions for who can edit and publish each locale and scale your experience to the world.

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Leverage Apostrophe's multi-tenancy to create and manage multiple sites through a central dashboard.

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Run Apostrophe in the JAMstack. Add REST APIs to your Apostrophe content, powering your React/Vue/etc. apps with a headless CMS.

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Add useful meta fields to all pages and pieces, complete with global fallbacks and a high degree of customization.

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Extensions and Integrations

Do more with a CMS that works with your digital experience platform. 


Robust permissions features are built into the core, allowing organizations to designate the right person or group of people to edit each part of the site.

Rapid Deployment

Whether you're working with the page tree, creating unique content types, building relationships between content types or just creating custom widgets and templates, you'll find that we're optimized for speed to market.

In-context Editing

Editing has never been easier. Users can edit content directly on the page, via a familiar WYSIWWG interface. Uploaded images automatically resize to suit the right balance of bandwidth and presentation. Past versions of pages are easy to find and there are provisions to avoid accidental deletions or edits against brand standards.


Leaning into the modularity of Apostrophe, you can customize around your needs with the most powerful CMS components as building blocks. These can be assembled to create a uniquely user and developer friendly experience without compromises.


Open-source means best of breed technology infrastructure is under the hood. Apostrophe employs the most developer-forward technology to build and support tools that provide flexibility and path to scale startup and mature businesses.

Extend Apostrophe with powerful modules

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Connect your mission critical tools to your Apostrophe experience.

Customize an Apostrophe website content experience for visitors based on Salesforce profiles. Establish the desired experience so editors can set specific widgets, pages, and pieces to display for a given set of those experiences.


With a continued effort to offer content editors a seamless editing experience, we have rolled our Apostrophe Media Source module, featuring a Media Library integration with Unsplash. The Apostrophe Media Sources integration unlocks a media library of over 2 million high-resolution, filterable, searchable images stemming from the talents of the Unsplash community of photographers.

Provides single sign-on capabilities for ApostropheCMS, allowing users to login with Google, GitLab and other authentication providers.

Send notifications via Slack and other systems when various events occur in ApostropheCMS.

Product Updates

Apostrophe 3, Alpha 3. Welcome, Draft Mode

We're excited to announce the release of our Apostrophe 3, Alpha 3. Alpha 3 introduces Draft Mode into the core, and incorporates a number of enhancements and bug fixes from our community.

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