See what ApostropheCMS has to offer both developers and content editors.

Making the developer experience a priority

The Right Technology Choices

Whether you are looking to implement a traditional CMS infrastructure or run a headless CMS in the JAMstack, Apostrophe has the flexibility and modularity to support a powerful experience. 

Apostrophe is 100% JavaScript, both in the browser and the server, meaning improved performance thanks to the asynchronous nature of Node.js. Apostrophe uses MongoDB for a rich, intuitive document storage model, and is built on the trusted Express framework to add custom routes to any module. Create templates easily using Nunjucks, and your preferred front-end asset compilation can be built right in.

Some of our most powerful modules

Powerful SEO Controls

Add useful meta fields to all pages and pieces, complete with global fallbacks and a high degree of customization.

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Approval and localization for international websites

Provides approval-based workflow and localization capabilities to for projects that need it. An optional component of the Apostrophe CMS.

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Go Headless: An API for your content

Run Apostrophe in the JAMstack. Add REST APIs to your Apostrophe content, powering your React/Vue/etc. apps with a headless CMS.

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Editing Has Never Been Easier

In-context editing is key: end users can edit content directly on the page, via a familiar interface. Uploaded images automatically resize to suit the right balance of bandwidth and presentation. Past versions of your work are easy to find; users can't accidentally delete content permanently.

But Apostrophe also takes the needs of larger projects very seriously. Robust permissions features are provided, allowing you to designate the right person or group of people to edit each part of the site.

Rapid website development

Whether you're working with the page tree, creating unique content types with Apostrophe's "pieces," building and editing relationships between content types with Apostrophe's "join" feature or just creating custom widgets and templates for inclusion on your pages, you'll find that we've created a uniquely user- and developer-friendly experience without compromises.

Just by defining a simple schema, you can create both the "back end" and a rich user interface on the front end for editing custom content types like blog posts, events or products as well as editing content on the page.

Intuitive Content Types

With Apostrophe, it's easy to create content types like blog posts, events, map locations, companies, employees, and more, then group them into custom dropdown menus in Apostrophe's admin bar. 

Create your own Apostrophe modules with no boilerplate. Extend existing modules to get going with even less work. Publish them as open source via npm, or keep them local to your project.

Rich schemas let you add new editable fields to content types with no custom code.

Full List of Features

Want the full spread of features? Check out the entire list.

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