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The open source website builder for your business.

Apostrophe Assembly is a powerful and flexible website builder platform for digital agencies, SaaS companies, higher education, enterprise, and more.

Power and Flexibility

Manage a fleet of digital experiences from a single dashboard. Customize your no-code website factory with the flexibility of a modern open source tech stack.


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Open Source Tech Stack

Create powerful custom solutions with ApostropheCMS, the open source backbone of Apostrophe Assembly.

  • Build with technologies like Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Vue.js, npm
  • Ready to integrate into the Jamstack
  • An extensible and modular system with support for custom plugins
  • Join a global community of developers and agencies crafting incredible experiences


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Solutions for All

Take ownership of your digital experience.


Web Agencies

Spin up new sites and client campaigns faster than ever before. Launch dynamic websites that leverage the power of ApostropheCMS, our open source Node.js CMS. Utilize your team’s JavaScript expertise and pattern library to launch websites faster and make your projects more profitable.

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SaaS Companies

Be the leading digital platform in your vertical, without any limitations. Experience a white glove approach to white label websites with Apostrophe Assembly. Quickly provide websites to your customers with your tech built in with just a few clicks.

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Higher Education

Operate in today's modern technology with minds of the future. You have hundreds of department, institute, center, and lab websites to manage. Spin up new websites with your brand built in and easily onboard faculty and students to the digital experience.

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Achieve digital success by managing everything in one place. Edit all of your websites across multiple languages and brands with one code base and one dashboard to oversee it all. With Apostrophe Assembly you get to work with great tools while being supported by a dedicated team.

Michelin powered by Apostrophe


Take control of your customer's journey before they even step foot into your restaurant or hotel. Integrate with booking and reservation engines and control content across several regions and locales. Apostrophe puts power in the hands of developers and editors to begin your brand's promise with the very first click.

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Onboarding New Customers at Record Speeds

"Apostrophe Assembly allows us to launch new web storefronts for our clients in minutes, with our robust and hyper-compliant API technology pre-built. This has improved our customer onboarding speed by 10x, as we can now get new brands live faster than ever before.  Apostrophe has transformed our sales process and our customer's speed to market."

Devaraj Southworth CEO & Co-Founder, Thirstie
Dozens of Restaurants, One Dashboard

Each Kimpton Hotel is paired with one or more unique restaurants, which has differentiated branding and customer experience. Apostrophe Assembly helps Kimpton manage dozens of restaurant websites with simple in-context page editing.

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
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Delivering websites faster than ever before

Hellocomputer was looking for an open source CMS solution that would support speed and adaptability. ApostropheCMS was rapidly adopted due to its modern Node.js based architecture, allowing developers to work in a full stack JavaScript environment.

Nick Bester Head of Technology and Development, Hellocomputer
Etienne Coursimault headshot
Powering Michelin Digital Factory

Michelin chose Apostrophe as the CMS for their digital experience platform and haven’t looked back. Their roadmap includes building over 200 websites across several languages, which they manage on Apostrophe’s sophisticated, secure Node.js stack.

Etienne Coursumault Platform Owner, Michelin

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