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ApostropheCMS is an open source content management framework
designed to empower both developers and content creators.

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From micro sites to digital factories and everything in between.

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Open source ecosystem

Open source is in our blood. It's how we want to work to create amazing software. Tap into a massive ecosystem of code and resources, and collaborate with like minded technologies to do your best work.

Extensible architecture

Customize everything, override anything. Apostrophe's modular architecture provides elegant hooks to tailor the platform to deliver exactly the functionality you need for your project.

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The finest JavaScripts

Work with your favorite JavaScript tools as part of Apostrophe's modern tech stack. Extend a foundation built with MongoDB, Node.js, npm, and Vue.js with all the frameworks and utilities you need to make it yours.

First class headless

Configure Apostrophe as a headless CMS to support omnichannel experiences. Build your front end(s) in any framework you like and deliver a fully contextual editing experience thanks to our new Astro integration.

All about Astro

Flexible deployment

Keep things fast and simple by deploying to our managed hosting platform built on AWS and MongoDB Atlas. Or you can run Apostrophe in your own cloud infrastructure and tailor it to meet your scaling needs.

Collaborate with people

Building things is more fun with friends. Join our Discord and share what you're working on. Connect with the core Apostrophe team and we'll help you build your own extensions, publish them to the world, and make something great.

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A perfect fit

Put Apostrophe to work for your organization.

Digital Agencies

Create beautiful bespoke experiences for your clients.

Deploy a white-labeled site factory using Apostrophe Assembly.

Software Companies

Integrate Apostrophe into your existing SaaS product to handle
settings, content, design, and users.


Keep all your properties up to date with custom integration and workflows.


Scale Apostrophe across brands and departments and integrate with all of the unique elements of your digital experience ecosystem.

Higher Education

Control brand standards, publishing workflows, user permissions, and more for complex organizations.

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Apostrophe gives you a simple, delightful experience for
managing your content.
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Apostrophe in action.

Powering Michelin Digital Factory

Michelin chose Apostrophe as the CMS for their digital experience platform and haven’t looked back. Their roadmap includes building over 400 websites across dozens of languages, which they manage on Apostrophe’s sophisticated, secure Node.js stack.

Etienne Coursimault headshot
Etienne Coursumault Platform Owner, Michelin
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Dozens of Restaurants, One Dashboard

Each Kimpton Hotel is paired with one or more unique restaurants, which has differentiated branding and customer experience. Apostrophe Assembly helps Kimpton manage dozens of restaurant websites with simple in-context page editing.

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
Read How Kimpton Uses Assembly
Delivering websites faster than ever before

Hellocomputer was looking for an open source CMS solution that would support speed and adaptability. ApostropheCMS was rapidly adopted due to its modern Node.js based architecture, allowing developers to work in a full stack JavaScript environment.

nick bester headshot
Nick Bester Head of Technology and Development, Hellocomputer
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