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Power up your ApostropheCMS project with advanced permissions, document version history, and more.

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Build better websites faster with enterprise ready modules, only available with Apostrophe Pro. Add premium features that help developers and editors do their best work.

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Supercharged integrations and extensions

Take your CMS to the next level.

Advanced Permissions

A higher degree of control with more granular level management of permissions for users, custom group creation, individual document level permissions, and permissions per locale.

Document Versions

Give editors the power to easily restore previous versions of content and revert back to original content with ease. 

Palette Design Editor

With Palette, you can easily fine-tune your website's visual design, editing CSS properties, by adjusting colors, font styles, margins, and more using a simple, intuitive interface. 

Automated Testing Tools

Tap into a vast library of pre-built, accelerated, and automated functional tests to streamline your testing process. 

Account Signup

A seamless solution that empowers users to easily create accounts on your website. Users can sign up in a few simple steps, complete with email verification and pre-determined user role and access level. 

Template Library

Coming soon, a collection of document templates that can help you speed up your content creation process. 


Pro. Powered Up

Support Packages

Build a direct relationship with Apostrophe engineers and gain access to expedited Apostrophe bug fixes, code and performance audits, module configurations and installations, and training.

Single Site Hosting

Apostrophe Managed Hosting is a flexible and tailored approach to hosting, designed to meet your specific needs, with clearly defined SLAs, including uptime, services, administration, and backups.

Bug Fix Warranty

All core functionality of ApostropheCMS and Pro modules are under warranty with any Apostrophe License. Gain peace-of-mind with an Apostrophe Pro subscription that you have the best and safest foundation to build and deploy your projects.

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Miroslav Yovchev

CEO and Lead Developer, Corllete Ltd.

Finding a balanced solution

Apostrophe shines with the fine balance between offering tons of automations in order to speed up the development process and give the developers freedom to choose how to design their custom solutions. 

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