Extensions and Integrations

Extend Apostrophe

Add new features to your Apostrophe project with these powerful extensions and integrations.

Address Widget
A widget for editing and displaying mailing addresses.
Apos CLI
A cross-platform command-line interface for creating, configuring, and managing sites built in ApostropheCMS.
Apostrophe Boilerplate
The Apostrophe Boilerplate is a minimal project template for Apostrophe 2 projects, including basic project structure to get you started. It is the default template used by the Apostrophe CLI tool.
Atom Snippets
ApostropheCMS code snippets for Atom.
Blog Manager
Provides a complete foundation for blogging in ApostropheCMS.
Browser Upgrade
Provides a configurable "Browser Upgrade" message to visitors using outdated browsers.
Content Analytics
Allows content in ApostropheCMS to be tracked and sorted by popularity. Popularity can be measured by pageviews, upvotes, social network votes, etc. Integrates with ShareCount API.
Dev Monitor
A watcher that automatically restarts ApostropheCMS when code changes are detected.
Dialog Box
Provides simple pop-up dialog boxes for ApostropheCMS sites.
Editor Workflow
Powerful editorial workflows for ApostropheCMS, providing localization support and approval processes.
Elastic Search
Integrate Elastic Search into your Apostrophe site
Event Manager
Provides a complete foundation for displaying upcoming events in ApostropheCMS.
Favicon Generator
Allows editors to manipulate a site's favicon image through a global image-widget while supplying sizes for all browsers and devices.
Form Builder
Allows editors to create their own forms for gathering and delivering user input.
Adds REST APIs to ApostropheCMS pieces and pages, powering React/Vue/etc apps with a headless CMS.
i18n Debugger
Helps locate static text that has not been wrapped for internationalization or find the right translation key in ApostropheCMS.
Image Size Optimizer
Saves server space by identifying huge original image files and replacing them with an ApostropheCMS generated image size.
Link Widget
A widget that provides a simple way for editors and admins to create a link, giving them the option to choose a page or enter a URL manually.
Integration with reCAPTCHA for login and form submission.
Maintenance Mode
Provide a maintenance mode for ApostropheCMS, gating access while critical tasks are performed.
Media Sources
A set of modules that ease the browsing and import of web-compatible image content from various media sources, including the Wedia DAM and Unsplash, into Apostrophe's media library.
Merge Tags
Reuse short pieces of text anywhere in ApostropheCMS, updating the content in just one place.
Multi-tenancy for ApostropheCMS. Allows sites to be created and managed through a central dashboard. All sites run within a single Node.js instance.
Nightwatch Tools
Regression-test ApostropheCMS projects in the browser with Nightwatch.
Open Graph Tools
Provides a way to edit metadata for Facebook's Open Graph standard.
Open Graph Widget
A widget that renders a preview of a third-party webpage, based on its Facebook Open Graph metadata.
Page Structure
Displays page structure through a simplified view of all areas and widgets on a page.
Allows editors to visually edit colors, borders, fonts and other design elements from within ApostropheCMS.
Provides single sign-on capabilities for ApostropheCMS, allowing users to login with Google, GitLab and other authentication providers.
Password Protected Files
Provides password protection for files and images.
Performance Profiler
Provides server side performance profiling for ApostropheCMS. Recommends database indexes too.
Allows site owners to define a set of visitor "personas" and design corresponding content variations. Visitors can choose or be assigned a persona for a more personalized experience.
Phone Field for Apostrophe Forms
Adds a phone number field to Apostrophe Forms, supporting full validation of international phone number formats.
Piece Sorter
Replace the default sorting order of "pieces" in ApostropheCMS with a handpicked order at a global level. A good way to always feature certain pieces before others appear in the normal sort order.
Pieces Export
Allows editors to export pieces data. Supports .csv, .tsv, and .xlsx as well as user defined formats.
Pieces Import
Allows editors to import data from Excel and other spreadsheet formats for use in pieces. Accepts .csv, .tsv, .xlsx, .xlsb and .xls.
Public Submissions Widget
A widget that allows site visitors to submit their own content, such as events, bios, etc.
PubMed Importer
One-time import PubMed medical publication data with ApostropheCMS.
PubMed Sync
Sync PubMed medical publication data with ApostropheCMS.
Allows admins to create redirects from one URL to another in ApostropheCMS. In addition, the built-in soft redirects automatically handle legacy URLs when pages move.
Redis Caching
Replaces Apostrophe's MongoDB-based caching mechanism with Redis.
Rich Text Link Attributes
Add and configure extra allowable attributes to link tags in Rich Text widgets.
Rich Text Permalinks
Allows editors to create "permalinks" to ApostropheCMS content inside rich text editors. Pasted links might become out of date, but permalinks will not.
Salesforce Personas
Allows editors to use existing Salesforce profiles to create personalized content experiences for existing customers.
Enterprise single sign-on. Log into ApostropheCMS via SAML or Shibboleth, the most common corporate solutions.
Selective Permissions
Adds support for fine-grained permissions, allowing administrators to set permissions on specific fields and more.
SEO Tools
SEO configuration for ApostropheCMS. Adds useful meta fields to all pages and pieces.
Site Maps
Generates XML and plaintext sitemaps for sites in ApostropheCMS.
Painlessly deploy Node.js applications to designated staging and production servers. Works with all VPS providers and pairs nicely with NGINX and mechanic.
Static i18n
Allows editors to translate static template and ApostropheCMS UI text to other languages.
Sublime Text Snippets
ApostropheCMS code snippets for SublimeText.
Submit to Google Sheets
Allows Apostrophe Forms to submit to Google Sheets.
Creates a hidden "superadmin" user that cannot be edited by regular admins and always retains admin permissions.
SVG Sprites
Allows editors to import SVG sprite maps and manage them through a Media Library-like interface.
Text Anchors
Allows any widget to be linked via a "named anchor" created in the rich text editor.
TipTap Editor
Adds TipTap Rich Text Editor to ApostropheCMS.
Twitter Widget
Provides a widget for adding Twitter feeds to the page in ApostropheCMS.
User Sign Up
Adds public sign-up support for ApostropheCMS.
Visual Studio Code Snippets
ApostropheCMS code snippets for Visual Studio Code.
Webhook Notifications
Send notifications via Slack and other systems when various events occur in ApostropheCMS.