Localization for Apostrophe 3

With this latest release we are very pleased to share our first release of Apostrophe's new localization tools.

Localization Header

This week we published the release of Apostrophe 3.3, which now includes support for fully localized websites. This is the result of weeks of design and development and was influenced heavily by feedback from the community along with some major support and collaboration with our partners at Michelin. It's a big release, and the best place to dive in is right in our new docs for these features. We hope you take a moment to check those out, but for right now here are some notable highlights:

  • You can now configure your site so all of your content is editable across multiple locales.
  • You can also now localize static templates in your Apostrophe projects, as well as all of Apostrophe's core UI components.
  • Everything works without needing to install a new module, simply upgrade to Apostrophe 3.3 and configure the locales for your project.

For a quick example of the content localization features check out this video below.

A3 Localization - Hello world

In the days ahead, we will be updating our public demo to show off some specific multi-locale configurations. For now, the best way to try out these tools yourself is to update your project to 3.3 and follow the documentation to set up some locales.

This is a huge step forward for A3 and we think it is a big improvement over the experience of localizing content in A2. We are really excited to get this out there, and looking forward to feedback from the community. Please don't hesitate to open any new issues on GitHub with any specific questions, suggestions, or bug reports. Also, please do reach out to us if you'd like to contribute some translations of the Apostrophe UI.

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