Unsplash Integration with the Apostrophe Media Source Module

With a continued effort to offer content editors a seamless editing experience, today we're announcing our Apostrophe Media Source module, featuring a Media Library integration with Unsplash.

unsplash integration with apostrophe

The Apostrophe Media Sources integration unlocks a media library of over 2 million high-resolution, filterable, searchable images stemming from the talents of the Unsplash community of photographers.

Because of Unsplash's reputation as a great resource for free-to-use imagery, we were excited to add this to the Apostrophe ecosystem of integrations. We took advantage of the Unsplash API and resulted in some great features to offer to users.

New Features

  • As part of this work, we also made an update to the Apostrophe Media Library. You can now filter all Apostrophe Media Library images (not just Unsplash) by orientation, file extensions (jpg, png, etc), and source.
  • Adds Unplash as a media source in the Media Library.
  • Filter Unsplash images by color and orientation.
  • Import Unsplash images and metadata to your Apostrophe Media Library to be used easily in your projects.

This is the first release among a larger focus on Digital Asset Management and the Media Library.

Unsplash In Action

The enhancement to the Media Library allows Apostrophe users to search and import images directly from Unsplash into their library without ever leaving the editor experience.

Add image in experience


Searching, filtering and sorting through inspiring photos from Unsplash is made simple within your Media Library.

Filter Unsplash type


Knowing the origin of the photo is easy with simple tagging options within your own Media Library.

image origin selection

Beyond Unsplash, the updates to the Apostrophe Media Library are the foundation for integrating with other external media sources such as Wedia, a leading Digital Asset Management Software, selected by Apostrophe users in France.


You can grab the module on Github and npm and install it on any 2.x compatible Apostrophe site. The Unsplash integration is now available free to install on any existing Apostrophe 2.x site (with plans to include in A3 as well) through our open source repo. Check out the README directly in the project to explain how to install this module, how to configure it, and how to integrate new media sources.

Already up and running with this latest update? Share your feedback with our team and contribute your ideas to future Media Library upgrades.