Hellocomputer + Toyota Racing

Off the back of an aging platform that didn’t speak to the values Toyota Gazoo Racing was trying to achieve, Hellocomputer, a South African-based marketing and development agency, was hired by Toyota to create a new web experience that would bring the performance racing division brand to life.

toyota racing site


toyota racing


The experience needed to showcase the many motorsport events Toyota proudly took part in, where Toyota was consistently finishing in pole position. The platform also needed to promote the specific vehicles that Toyota manufactured and marketed to performance-driven enthusiasts.

The problem to solve? Time.

Hellocomputer was given just two months to deliver on an experience that stood up to the racing brand’s promise of “Pushing the limits for Better.”  

During discovery, Nick Bester, Head of Technology and Development at Hellocomputer, had determined that the deadline would only allow a deliverable of a very lean and mean static website without a content management system.

During a previous project for Toyota South Africa, the developers at Hellocomputer had invested time into an ApostropheCMS boilerplate and component library that adhered to the Toyota global brand. By deploying this extensive library of reusable components, Hellocomputer was able to reduce development time by 50%, making this incredibly tight deadline much more attainable.

The lead developer, skilled in JavaScript, Node.js and MongoDB, was confident that their first-round deliverable to Toyota Racing would match their ethos of “pushing for better.”

node js mongodb tech stack

HelloComputer's preferred development stack

Making use of their ApostropheCMS component library, Hellocomputer was able to produce a production-ready solution within a record time even the Toyota racing team would be proud of. 

Hellocomputer leveraged their expertise and knowledge of ApostropheCMS to create an easy to manage platform that the Toyota racing team could update as and when they needed.


The in-context editorial experience of ApostropheCMS supports autonomy for content editors and removes the reliance on developers to own continuous content updates, which allows for more fluid control of content, as well as budgetary control.


nick bester headshot

Nick Bester

Head of Technology and Development, Hellocomputer

“When we can rely on the reusability of the component libraries, we have time to actually improve our craft and improve the quality of the work that we do. That just speaks to the power of ApostropheCMS.”