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About Kimpton

Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group, a distinguished subsidiary of the renowned InterContinental Hotels Group, stands as a beacon of luxury and individuality in the global hospitality landscape. With an impressive portfolio boasting over 60 unique hotels worldwide, Kimpton has firmly established itself as the epitome of boutique hospitality. Kimpton is also dedicated to providing exceptional dining experiences with its exquisite, carefully curated restaurants. Often, these establishments showcase their own distinctive branding, reflecting their individual character and culinary ethos.

The Challenge

In 2018, Kimpton needed a way to manage their collection of websites while maintaining brand consistency. After making the decision to leave a sunsetting CMS, Kimpton began their search for a user-friendly CMS platform that could handle their web presence without the need for a large, in-house development team. It was imperative that any chosen platform be intuitive and adaptable, ensuring all team members could contribute to the upkeep of quality and timeliness of Kimpton’s online presence.

Choosing Apostrophe Assembly

After careful consideration, Kimpton chose Apostrophe Assembly for several compelling reasons:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Apostrophe Assembly's user-friendly interface empowered Kimpton's marketing team to effortlessly create visually captivating websites that adhered to strict brand guidelines, all without the need for custom development
  • Flexible Development: The openness of ApostropheCMS technology facilitated the creation of diverse projects, from small-scale endeavors to corporate sites, all from a unified codebase, simplifying development processes.
  • Effortless Content Management: Tasks such as adding menu items, updating Terms of Service, incorporating images, and promoting events became straightforward, enhancing team productivity.

Migration Success

After recognizing the user-friendly nature and impressive features that Apostrophe had to offer, Kimpton began a gradual migration process. They started moving over 4-5 sites at a time from their previous CMS. With each migration, the process became more efficient, thanks to the development of streamlined systems and the growing confidence of the Kimpton team members. 

Revival Kimpton dish


Customized Themes for Enhanced Design

To further streamline development, Kimpton enlisted the expertise of an agency in ApostropheCMS’s Partner Network. Together, they conceived three tailor-made, visually captivating themed sites. These meticulously crafted templates formed the cornerstone of Kimpton's Assembly site expansion, providing a solid foundation for their online presence.

Seamless Integrations

Kimpton's marketing team easily integrated several essential elements into their Apostrophe Assembly sites:

  • InterContinental booking forms: to ensure a smooth reservation process. 
  • Locu menus: to provide patrons with a preview of their dining experiences. 
  • Wufoo forms: to establish a convenient means of interaction
  • Mailchimp email sign-ups: to communicate Kimpton’s latest offerings and updates. 

The versatility of Apostrophe Assembly's platform made these extensions and integrations a straightforward and efficient endeavor for Kimpton's marketing team.

Cloud Hosted Multisite Solution

The shift to a cloud-hosted multi-site solution marked a transformative step for Kimpton. By utilizing cloud technology, Kimpton improved its digital performance, making the environment more robust and adaptable. This resulted in a smoother and uninterrupted browsing experience for visitors, allowing them to navigate the restaurant location of choice effortlessly, as well as efficiently on the backend. This transition not only protected Kimpton's digital platform but also enhanced the overall online experience, establishing a higher benchmark for digital hospitality.


By consolidating Kimpton's intricate website management into a unified dashboard, the brand’s digital presence underwent a remarkable transformation. This streamlined approach, coupled with an intuitive website builder, revolutionized their digital landscape. What once required the expertise of developers was now accessible to the entire Kimpton team. This not only streamlined operations but also empowered Kimpton's creative visionaries to bring their unique brand essence to life online.

The result? Kimpton's websites stand as shining examples of the brand's distinctive identity and steadfast dedication to excellence. Each page radiated the distinct charm and character that defines Kimpton's properties worldwide. From stunning visuals to seamless functionality, every element speaks volumes about the brand's dedication to delivering exceptional experiences. This shift not only simplified operations but also showcased Kimpton's strength and innovation in the digital realm, solidifying their position as a leader in the hospitality industry. 

Apostrophe Assembly stands out as the ultimate multisite CMS tailored for boutique restaurants and hotels, exemplified by industry leaders like Kimpton.


Kimpton Revival Home

Photo Credit: Aubrie Pick

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