Kimpton Hotels easily updates & manages over 30 beautiful restaurant websites using Apostrophe Assembly without having a developer on-staff.
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  1. 30+ Websites, a single platform

    Each with its own distinct brand and visual experience.

  2. Integrations

    Menus, reservations, e-mail marketing, language translations, and brand assets.

  3. Powerful publishing workflows

    Propose, edit, and publish content by user roles defined by Kimpton.

Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group, a subsidiary of InterContinental Hotels Group, has approximately 68 unique hotels across the globe. Within each boutique hotel, there is an equally beautiful restaurant (or two) with its own branding.

In 2018, Kimpton was looking for a way to reduce the labor needed to keep their websites updated and on-brand. Making the decision to leave a sunsetting CMS before they were forced out, Kimpton began looking for a simple way to manage their websites without needing a team of full-time developers on-staff. 

After weighing out many options, Kimpton chose Apostrophe Assembly for a number of reasons. 

The user interface for Apostrophe Assembly allowed Kimpton’s team of marketers to quickly and easily build stunning websites based on tight brand requirements. Each website looked exactly as it needed to, without custom development. 

Better Sorts Social Club Boston

One interface to edit all of Kimpton’s sites. Apostrophe Assembly makes it easy.

Ever Bar Hollywood Restaurant

The openness of the ApostropheCMS technology made it easy for developers to spin up a small side-project or corporate site from the same codebase, allowing for ease in development. 

Adding new menu items, changing content in the Terms of Service and footer, adding new images and posting events became a simple task that many team members found easy to do. 

Once sold on the ease of use and robustness of the Apostrophe Assembly platform, Kimpton began migrating 4-5 sites at a time from their old CMS. Each migration took less and less time as systems were developed and the team members grew in their confidence. 

To simplify development, Kimpton hired ApostropheCMS’s design partner P’unk Avenue to craft three custom themed sites, which Kimpton then used as the foundation for the Assembly site buildout. 

Kimpton’s marketing team found it easy to add-in their InterContinental booking forms, Locu menus, Wufoo forms, and Mailchimp email sign-ups into the Apostrophe Assembly sites

In the end, simplifying Kimpton’s complex website management to a single dashboard with an easy-to-use website builder that didn’t require a developer turned their websites into shining examples of Kimpton’s strong brand.

Moving to a cloud-hosted multi-site solution removed the risk for Kimpton and increased the WOW-factor for their patrons. 

If your company manages multiple websites and you want a simplified, easy-to-use site builder that creates beautiful, functional websites, we would love to help you see if Apostrophe Assembly could help. 

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