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npm install -g @apostrophecms/cli apos create my-website Apostrophe create Grabbing the starter from Github [1/4] Apostrophe create Adding your project shortname (my-website) [2/4] Apostrophe create Installing packages [3/4] Apostrophe create Creating an admin user [4/4] Success!

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We're building powerful tools that actually feel good to use.

Open Source

Open source is in our blood. Apostrophe was built on the foundation of best in class open source projects and is released as open source.

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Full Stack JavaScript

Use the best JavaScript tools and practices on the front and back-end, allowing for less gear switching and faster development.

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Run Apostrophe in the Jamstack. Apostrophe 3 includes a full content REST API for powering your React/Vue/etc. apps as a decoupled CMS.

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Component Libraries

Recurring elements support simple deployment of websites, campaigns and applications. Creating and editing custom components into a library of reusable assets allows for developers to optimize their development time.

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Rapid Deployment

"Apostrophe Assembly allows us to launch new web storefronts for our clients in minutes, with our robust and hyper-compliant API technology pre-built. This has improved our customer onboarding speed by 10x, as we can now get new brands live faster than ever before."

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