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npm install -g apostrophe-cli apostrophe create-project my-website Apostrophe create-project Grabbing the boilerplate from GitHub [1/2] Apostrophe create-project Setting up your project shortname [2/2] Success!

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Open Source

Open source is in our blood. Apostrophe was built on the foundation of best in class open source projects and is released as open source.

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Full Stack JavaScript

Use the best JavaScript tools and practices on the front and back-end, allowing for less gear switching and faster development.

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Powerful localization workflows to deliver your content in any language. Manage permissions for who can edit and publish each locale and scale your experience to the world.

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Leverage Apostrophe's multi-tenancy to create and manage multiple sites through a central dashboard.

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Run Apostrophe in the JAMstack. Add REST APIs to your Apostrophe content, powering your React/Vue/etc. apps with a headless CMS.

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