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Content Editing

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Editor Features

We give you the tools to dynamically manage your content strategy.


In-context Editing

Editing has never been easier. Users can edit content directly on the page, via a familiar interface. Uploaded images automatically resize to suit the right balance of bandwidth and presentation. Adhere to your brand standards without limited editing control.

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Multiple Content Types

Don't be limited by simple in-the-box content types. Apostrophe supports all the ways that marketers need to communicate. From columns to categories, and quotes to callouts, build the tool kit you need to represent your brand.

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Bring your favorites tools to your CMS experience. Whether it's Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Analytics, or another platform of choice, Apostrophe can integrate with your tools for a comprehensive management experience.

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One Dashboard, Many Sites

Bring order and consistency to your brand’s digital experience. Manage all of your organization’s websites under a single dashboard. Apply your own custom themes with powerful visual styling controls that allow for just as much flexibility as you need.

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Permissions and Workflow

Apostrophe helps you build in permissions and safety guards you need for a team. Specify approval rights, lock down some page editing, assign permissions based on user role, and more with the admin tools as part of the core of Apostrophe.

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Optimize your content with SEO tools that improve your site rankings. You have complete control of the metadata for specific content types like images, as well as pages and articles.

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