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A higher ed website builder platform without limits.

Modern technology built for the minds of the future.

You have hundreds of department, institute, center and lab websites to manage.

Now you can quickly and easily spin up new websites with your brand built in, and onboard your faculty and staff to manage their digital experience.

Apostrophe Assembly makes the management and maintenance of all sites within your digital ecosystem simple yet flexible and removes the roadblocks created by legacy solutions. 

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The Right Technology Choices

We're raising the bar for higher education digital platforms.


The reusibility of components, integrations, and brand elements is core to Apostrophe Assembly, providing an easy-to-manage ecosystem for one or hundreds of sites. 

Onboarding Ease

Overcome challenges with simple onboarding and ease of adoption by all user types. From tech professionals, to educators, to student makers, Apostrophe works for everyone. 

Brand Governance

Create websites with design guidelines built in and protections to help editors and site managers stay on brand.


Integrate accessibility standards into your site components with best practices, extensible modules, and guidance directly in the platform.


Apostrophe offers a full suite of security features built on top of a best in class open source technology stack.


Integrate with the tools in your digital experience platform including CRM, authentication, donations, DAM, and more. It can all be plugged right into your fleet of websites.

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Create new sites right from the dashboard.


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Adjust brand elements in the browser.

Apostrophe Assembly brings Multisite to life

Branding tools for your digital landscape

Apostrophe Assembly allows you to quickly spin up new websites with ease. Copy a website's core structure and components and apply brand and design elements to create unique digital experiences across all of the entities in your school or university.

With Assembly, site editors can leverage Palette, a powerful tool to apply dynamic color, typography, and visual elements in-context.

Our team will partner with you to ensure that you and your stakeholders receive the level of flexibility and speed this module is designed to provide.

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