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Astro Integration Starter Kit

Astro provides a "universal bridge" to run modern frontend frameworks like React, Vue, and SvelteJS on the server side, as well as a straightforward, JSX-like template language of its own to meld everything together.
> apos create my-app --starter=astro

Apostrophe starter kit for Astro integration

This is intended as a starting point for an Apostrophe project with a separate front end powered by Astro.

To complete your project, you will need to fork both this project and our astro-frontend project.

This kind of side-by-side development separating the "front end" or "front for back" (Astro) from the content management system (ApostropheCMS) is common when working with Astro.

Also see the Apostrophe documentation. Note that documentation regarding Nunjucks templates, frontend assets, etc. does not apply when using an Astro front end, because rendering pages becomes the responsibility of Astro. On the other hand, documentation about schema fields, page types, piece types, widget types, event handlers and many other topics remains very relevant when working with Astro.

Please see the @apostrophecms/apostrophe-astro documentation for complete information about how to get started with this project.


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