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Ecommerce Starter Kit

The Apostrophe Ecommerce Starter Kit is a simple and yet fully functional e-commerce starter website. It introduces advanced techniques for content management with UX in mind, while aiming flexible content management and clear path for further development.
> apos create my-app --starter=ecommerce

Test Docs

E-commerce Starter Kit for ApostropheCMS

An e-commerce Starter Kit for ApostropheCMS built with Tailwind CSS.

You can find the full documentation on how to use and extend this starter kit below:

If you prefer, you can follow these steps to host the docs in your local environment.



Thanks to our partner Corlette

About Apostrophe

ApostropheCMS is a powerful content management system designed for developers who want to build dynamic and robust websites and applications. The intuitive admin interface provides a user-friendly editing experience, empowering content editors to create and update content effortlessly. As a developer, you have complete control over the content structure, defining custom schemas and creating relationships between different content types.

With its developer-friendly architecture, ApostropheCMS provides the flexibility and extensibility you need to build a simple blog, an enterprise-level website, or a complex web application.

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This Starter Kit was originally crafted by Corllete in partnership with Apostrophe. To learn more about Corllete visit corllete.com. As with any open source project, this too is a community collaboration. We welcome feedback, tickets, bug fixes, and improvements.

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