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ApostropheCMS was created in the open source ecosystem to bring happiness and productivity to web developers and content editors. Flexibility balanced with security, leveraging the latest JavaScript best practices for a CMS that is fit for a single site or enterprise-level deployment.

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Bring on the content.

With intuitive in-context editing, a supercharged visual design palette, and content enabled with drag and drop ease, there are no content hurdles that will stop you.

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Low-code solutions for startups.

Apply the speed, scalability, flexibility and support of Apostrophe to ramp up your business to all that you know it can be. Our team can support you in customizing components for your target market and integrating your unique technology to create a custom platform that will help you grow.

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A better developer experience.

No context switching

Almost everyone must write JavaScript to implement the frontend of their website. Those who work with PHP-based CMSes typically have to write both PHP and JavaScript, and switching between them adds extra mental work for the developer. Apostrophe removes this burden by employing the same programming language on both the front and the back end.

Performance at the core

Node.js is powered by the same open-source "v8" runtime that powers Chrome. Due to browser competition, the performance of v8 is far superior to that of PHP and most other languages typically chosen for CMS work.

Because MongoDB is designed from the beginning to support structured documents rather than just table rows, it can efficiently represent and query an entire page as a single document in the database.

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Get hands on with content

A better editor experience.

All the features in the world won't help if content creation is an unpleasant process. Apostrophe's user interface provides an intuitive way to edit content right on the page. Throughout Apostrophe, care has been taken to keep the interface clear and friendly for the editor.

We understand that content creators often struggle to manage media on CMS sites. This is why Apostrophe has built-in features to scale images to a set of suitable sizes, crop images, enforce aspect ratios, and pick "focal points" for better responsive results. 

ApostropheCMS - in-context editing

ApostropheCMS / Drag and Drop

ApostropheCMS / Dynamic Visual Changes


Don't repeat yourself.


When a project calls for custom content types, you can use Apostrophe's object-oriented features to extend our document model and manage content like people, places, or products. This immediately gives you a user interface for managing the content, a database layer to access it, and the option of also extending modules to present the content to your site's audience. These features automatically draw on the same schema, avoiding any code repetition.


Apostrophe offers a core module that can be extended to create smaller units of editable content on the page and plug in your own custom functionality without copy-and-paste, hard-to-maintain code generators or boilerplates.

Flexible Schemas

Schemas provide a way to define the fields that make up your content types in a single place. Schema field types include the usual choices, like strings, integers, floats and booleans, but also array fields which can have their own schemas, and joins that connect documents to each other. This lets you take advantage of MongoDB's support for building nested documents.