Michelin Supplier Award Recipient

Apostrophe is a proud recipient of the 2021 Michelin Supplier Award based on achieving outstanding results in products and services, quality, innovation, value creation and corporate social responsibility.

michelin supplier award 2021

Michelin hosts an annual Suppliers Award ceremony at which a few select suppliers are chosen based upon the achievements made within the partnership. The overall contribution of purchasing to Michelin's performance relies upon the quality and effectiveness of the relationships built with the selected suppliers.

The requirements of the suppliers is to achieve outstanding results in products and services, quality, innovation, value creation and corporate social responsibility. Michelin dedicates time each year to recognize and reward the excellent performance and strong commitment of a few selected suppliers. 

Apostrophe is a proud receipent of the 2021 Michelin Supplier Award.

Apostrophe Receives Michelin Supplier Award 2021


As we celebrate this milestone, we must also commend the amazing team that Michelin has created to lead its digital efforts. The success of Apostrophe at Michelin owes so much to the talent, tenacity, and innovative approach of this Digital Factory team and we are so fortunate to be able to collaborate with every day across a variety of channels and projects.

alex gilbert

Alex Gilbert

Co-CEO and co-founder, Apostrophe

"Over the course of Apostrophe's history, our most successful customer outcomes have always been a result of collaborating across companies as though we are all part of one single team. Our partnership with Michelin is one of the strongest examples of this this principle in action."

To see the work at Michelin grow since our early days together is something we are deeply proud of. Our work together began in 2017 when we collaborated on a small project for the bike tires website. This was framed as a test to see if our open source platform could support the content management needs of an organization at this scale.

To read more about our work with Apostrophe, check out our Michelin case study

Since that initial project, we've risen to the challenge of scaling the core platform to support hundreds of websites, thousands of content objects, and millions of visits per month. We have released new features including the integration of advanced content localization tools and the deployment of Apostrophe Assembly, our "no-code" website factory tool built on top of the open core of ApostropheCMS.

Throughout all of our projects with Michelin, we have brought a persistent focus to the two core pillars of our platform: developer experience and editor experience.

We are grateful for the innovative spirit of Michelin as a company that allows for these kinds of partnerships to take root and are looking forward to the next phase of our work together. 

2021 Michelin Awarded Suppliers

The esteemed recipients of the 2021 Michelin Supplier Awards. 

View below the full award announcement video, complete with the"Michelin in Motion" plan of action towards 2030.