Extensions and Integrations

Extend Apostrophe

Add new features to your Apostrophe project with these powerful extensions and integrations.

Blog Manager
Provides a complete foundation for blogging in ApostropheCMS.
Content Analytics
Allows content in ApostropheCMS to be tracked and sorted by popularity. Popularity can be measured by pageviews, upvotes, social network votes, etc. Integrates with ShareCount API.
Event Manager
Provides a complete foundation for displaying upcoming events in ApostropheCMS.
Media Sources
A set of modules that ease the browsing and import of web-compatible image content from various media sources, including the Wedia DAM and Unsplash, into Apostrophe's media library.
Open Graph Tools
Provides a way to edit metadata for Facebook's Open Graph standard.
Allows site owners to define a set of visitor "personas" and design corresponding content variations. Visitors can choose or be assigned a persona for a more personalized experience.
Allows admins to create redirects from one URL to another in ApostropheCMS. In addition, the built-in soft redirects automatically handle legacy URLs when pages move.
Salesforce Personas
Allows editors to use existing Salesforce profiles to create personalized content experiences for existing customers.
SEO Tools
SEO configuration for ApostropheCMS. Adds useful meta fields to all pages and pieces.
Site Maps
Generates XML and plaintext sitemaps for sites in ApostropheCMS.