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ApostropheCMS was created to bring happiness and productivity to web developers and content editors. It is used around the world by companies of all sizes to build and manage mission critical websites and applications. ApostropheCMS is free and open source for everyone, with enterprise products and services also available.

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Install locally with two commands
npm install -g apostrophe-cli apostrophe create-project my-website Apostrophe create-project Grabbing the boilerplate from GitHub [1/2] Apostrophe create-project Setting up your project shortname [2/2]
// my site configuration, app.js

var apos = require('apostrophe')({
  shortName: 'mySite',
  title: 'My Site',

  modules: {
    'apostrophe-templates': {},

    'my-article': {},
    'my-article-pages': {},
    'my-article-widgets': {},
    'my-article-cascade-widgets': {},

    'my-person': {},
    'my-person-pages': {},
    'my-person-widgets': {},
    'my-person-contact-widgets': {},

    'my-custom-marquee-widgets': {}

Rapid Development


Whether you're working with the page tree, creating unique content types with Apostrophe's "pieces," building and editing relationships between content types with Apostrophe's "join" feature or just creating custom widgets and templates for inclusion on your pages, you'll find that we've created a uniquely user- and developer-friendly experience without compromises.


Just by defining a simple schema, you can create both the "back end" and a rich user interface on the front end for editing custom content types like blog posts, events or products as well as editing content on the page.

Deploy With Confidence


Apostrophe is in use for many kinds of websites, from small nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies to colleges and research platforms. Since its inception, it has been iteratively built in the context of creating real websites. This has led to an ecosystem of modular functionality, allowing developers to solve problems precisely.

Apostrophe powers websites for:

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