Extensions and Integrations

Extend Apostrophe

Add new features to your Apostrophe project with these powerful extensions and integrations.

Apos CLI
A cross-platform command-line interface for creating, configuring, and managing sites built in ApostropheCMS.
Atom Snippets
ApostropheCMS code snippets for Atom.
Browser Upgrade
Provides a configurable "Browser Upgrade" message to visitors using outdated browsers.
Dev Monitor
A watcher that automatically restarts ApostropheCMS when code changes are detected.
Adds REST APIs to ApostropheCMS pieces and pages, powering React/Vue/etc apps with a headless CMS.
i18n Debugger
Helps locate static text that has not been wrapped for internationalization or find the right translation key in ApostropheCMS.
Maintenance Mode
Provide a maintenance mode for ApostropheCMS, gating access while critical tasks are performed.
Performance Profiler
Provides server side performance profiling for ApostropheCMS. Recommends database indexes too.
Static i18n
Allows editors to translate static template and ApostropheCMS UI text to other languages.
Sublime Text Snippets
ApostropheCMS code snippets for SublimeText.
Visual Studio Code Snippets
ApostropheCMS code snippets for Visual Studio Code.