Extensions and Integrations

Extend Apostrophe

Add new features to your Apostrophe project with these powerful extensions and integrations.

Image Size Optimizer
Saves server space by identifying huge original image files and replacing them with an ApostropheCMS generated image size.
Maintenance Mode
Provide a maintenance mode for ApostropheCMS, gating access while critical tasks are performed.
Multi-tenancy for ApostropheCMS. Allows sites to be created and managed through a central dashboard. All sites run within a single Node.js instance.
Redis Caching
Replaces Apostrophe's MongoDB-based caching mechanism with Redis.
Painlessly deploy Node.js applications to designated staging and production servers. Works with all VPS providers and pairs nicely with NGINX and mechanic.
Webhook Notifications
Send notifications via Slack and other systems when various events occur in ApostropheCMS.