Extensions and Integrations

Extend Apostrophe

Add new features to your Apostrophe project with these powerful extensions and integrations.

Atom Snippets
ApostropheCMS code snippets for Atom.
Elastic Search
Integrate Elastic Search into your Apostrophe site
Adds REST APIs to ApostropheCMS pieces and pages, powering React/Vue/etc apps with a headless CMS.
Media Sources
A set of modules that ease the browsing and import of web-compatible image content from various media sources, including the Wedia DAM and Unsplash, into Apostrophe's media library.
Provides single sign-on capabilities for ApostropheCMS, allowing users to login with Google, GitLab and other authentication providers.
Pieces Export
Allows editors to export pieces data. Supports .csv, .tsv, and .xlsx as well as user defined formats.
Pieces Import
Allows editors to import data from Excel and other spreadsheet formats for use in pieces. Accepts .csv, .tsv, .xlsx, .xlsb and .xls.
PubMed Importer
One-time import PubMed medical publication data with ApostropheCMS.
PubMed Sync
Sync PubMed medical publication data with ApostropheCMS.
Salesforce Personas
Allows editors to use existing Salesforce profiles to create personalized content experiences for existing customers.
Enterprise single sign-on. Log into ApostropheCMS via SAML or Shibboleth, the most common corporate solutions.
Sublime Text Snippets
ApostropheCMS code snippets for SublimeText.
Submit to Google Sheets
Allows Apostrophe Forms to submit to Google Sheets.
TipTap Editor
Adds TipTap Rich Text Editor to ApostropheCMS.
Visual Studio Code Snippets
ApostropheCMS code snippets for Visual Studio Code.
Webhook Notifications
Send notifications via Slack and other systems when various events occur in ApostropheCMS.