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AI Helper extension
AI Helper
This module enhances Apostrophe with AI-driven helpers. Currently this module offers a button to generate an image from a text prompt via OpenAI and the ability to insert menu options to generate rich text from a prompt via OpenAI.
Apostrophe Basics extension
Apostrophe Basics
This module provides configurations you can tap into for further customization, including columns, slideshow, button, card, and hero.
Chart.js extension extension
Chart.js extension
This extension adds Chart.js functionality to your ApostropheCMS pages through a new widget and data-set piece type. You can easily add line, bar, scatter, bubble, pie, and doughnut charts.
Custom Code Editor extension
Custom Code Editor
This module adds a new custom field schema to Apostrophe that allows the addition of code in a full-featured editor for display in code tutorials or documentation.
Data Set extension
Data Set
This module provides a way to import a comma-separted values file (CSV) and display the data as an HTML table, or in other ways provided by the developer.
Mermaid Extension extension
Mermaid Extension
This module adds the Mermaid Diagram package for use in an ApostropheCMS project. This package allows for the addition of several different diagrams as outlined in the Mermaid documentation.