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Account Signup extension
Account Signup
A seamless solution that empowers users to easily create accounts on your website. Users can sign up in a few simple steps, complete with email verification and pre-determined user role and access level.
Advanced Permissions extension
Advanced Permissions
This module provides more granular control over content permission. It allows the creation of custom groups with proscribed abilities and the ability to assign users to as few or as many groups as desired.
Apostrophe Assembly Boilerplate extension
Apostrophe Assembly Boilerplate
The purpose of this repo is to serve as a quick start boilerplate for multisite-enabled, cloud-hosted projects based on and hosted via Apostrophe Assembly.
Apostrophe Basics extension
Apostrophe Basics
This module provides configurations you can tap into for further customization, including columns, slideshow, button, card, and hero.
Automated Testing Tools extension
Automated Testing Tools
Automated functional browser tests are an important part of quality assurance for enterprise websites and web applications. This module provides a collection of conveniences for testing ApostropheCMS sites and applications within Cypress.
Automatic Translation extension
Automatic Translation
This bundle allows automatic translation of documents (pages and pieces) when localizing content. It comes with two translation providers: Google Cloud Translation and DeepL.
Data Set extension
Data Set
This module provides a way to import a comma-separted values file (CSV) and display the data as an HTML table, or in other ways provided by the developer.
Document Versions extension
Document Versions
This module automatically creates versions for your published documents (pages and pieces) and allows manual restore to any previously saved document version.
Multisite Apostrophe Assembly extension
Multisite Apostrophe Assembly
This module lets you have many ApostropheCMS websites running on a single codebase in a single Node.js process. Each has its own database, users, media uploads, etc. Sites can be created and managed via a dashboard site.
Palette Design Editor extension
Palette Design Editor
Palette is a module that provides an in-context interface for changing the values of developer-set CSS properties.
Template Library extension
Template Library
This module solves the "blank page problem" for developers and product managers, and makes it faster for editors to create content. Template Library allows for the configuration of default widgets and pre-populated content on piece or page templates, and to re-use existing layouts.