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Advanced Permissions
This module provides more granular control over content permission. It allows the creation of custom groups with proscribed abilities and the ability to assign users to as few or as many groups as desired.
Apostrophe Assembly Boilerplate
The purpose of this repo is to serve as a quick start boilerplate for multisite-enabled, cloud-hosted projects based on and hosted via Apostrophe Assembly.
This module bundle helps developers quickly add blog articles to Apostrophe 3 websites.
Code Upgrader
Upgrade your project codebase from Apostrophe 2 to Apostrophe 3.
Content Upgrader
Upgrade your project database from Apostrophe 2 to Apostrophe 3.
This module adds a new custom field schema to Apostrophe that allows the addition of code in a full-featured editor for display in code tutorials or documentation.
Document Versions
This module automatically creates versions for your published documents (pages and pieces) and allows manual restore to any previously saved document version.
Event Manager (3.x)
Provides a complete foundation for displaying upcoming events in ApostropheCMS.
Form Builder (3.x)
Allows editors to create their own forms for gathering and delivering user input.
Multisite Apostrophe Assembly
This module lets you have many ApostropheCMS websites running on a single codebase in a single Node.js process. Each has its own database, users, media uploads, etc. Sites can be created and managed via a dashboard site.
Open Graph Tools (3.x)
Provides a way to edit metadata for Facebook's Open Graph standard.
Palette is a module that provides an in-context interface for changing the values of developer-set CSS properties.
Passport (3.x)
Provides single sign-on capabilities for ApostropheCMS, allowing users to login with Google, GitLab and other authentication providers.
Pieces Export (3.x)
Allows editors to export pieces data. Supports .csv, .tsv, and .xlsx as well as user defined formats.
Pieces Import (3.x)
Allows editors to import data from Excel and other spreadsheet formats for use in pieces. Accepts .csv, .tsv, .xlsx, .xlsb and .xls.
Redirects (3.x)
Allows admins to create redirects from one URL to another in Apostrophe 3.x. In addition, the built-in soft redirects automatically handle legacy URLs when pages move.
SEO Tools (3.x)
SEO configuration for ApostropheCMS 3.x. Adds useful meta fields to all pages and pieces.
Site Maps (3.x)
Generates XML and plaintext sitemaps for sites in Apostrophe 3.x.
Submit to Google Sheets (3.x)
Allows Apostrophe Forms to submit to Google Sheets.
SVG Sprites (3.x)
Allows editors to import SVG sprite maps and manage them through a Media Library-like interface.
Text Anchors (3.x)
Allows any widget to be linked via a "named anchor" created in the rich text editor.
TOTP Login Verification
Add 2FA support via a third party authenticator app.
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